What is wottactic.tk ?

wottactic.tk is an interactive map tactic planning tool for WOT.

So how does it work ?

Press the blue button. Then select a map and use the tools on the right to start planning your strategy. You can invite others by sending them the link.

Clan Wars: Fifth Campaign

The Fifth campaign for World of tanks is now underway in most regions.

As in previous iterations, I've gone back to the 3 server setup to handle the increased load. You won't have to do anything, it will select a server for your tactic randomly. I will be keeping an eye on things just in case though.

Good luck out there for all the participants.

EDIT: Everything went smooth. The -15mins +15mins spread on the battles really helps to keep things well under control despite a record breaking number of visitors. Thx Wargaming.

Your input matters

Take 5 mins to take this very short survey, and let met know what you want in wottactic. I'll leave it up for at least two weeks and then release the results.

After you have filled it in, take a look at the summary of the results

Forums back up

Feel free to say hello.

Latest changes

  • Added ?game=whatever url parameter to the link of stored_tactics.
  • Simplified/shortened links to tactics.
  • Added the new wot minimaps as an option.
  • Improved quality of things drawn by drawing at a higher resolution than the image.
  • Improved the look of the website a little, will be adding a forum soon.

On the bug hunting front:

  • Fixed twitter login on domains other than wottactic.tk
  • Made zoom move in predictable steps.
  • Fixed alignment issues in video replay room.
  • The hand icon is no longer shown when dragging is disabled.
  • Text on firefox 49.0 was bigger than it should be. It's actually a FF bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1306027, but I remedied it best I can.

If you find anything else, however small, that is broken, pls let me know.

3,000,000 visits

Since the beginning of March, this website has been visited a total of 3,069,861 times.

497,425 rooms have been created and 70,917 tactics have been stored. 77842 different users have logged in at least once.

56.3% of users use google chrome. 23.4% use firefox, 8.3% use microsoft edge and 4.8% use ie. Only 2% of the visitors used a tablet or phone.

75% Of the visits are from Europe, with 15% from America and 8% from Asia.

On November 24th the website was visited 44,874 times in a single day, with a peak of 7936 concurrent users around 18PM GMT.

Thank you for your support. I think that's pretty amazing.

For more details here's a google analytics report.

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