What is wottactic.tk ?

wottactic.tk is an interactive map tactic planning tool for WOT.

So how does it work ?

Press the blue button. Then select a map and use the tools on the right to start planning. You can invite others by sending them the link.

Future plans

  • Support for drawing while panning
  • Better support for touch devices (pinch zoom, pan support)
  • Write text directly on the map
  • Share folders in addition to just tactics

If you have any suggestions, you can put them on the forums, contact me by e-mail or put them in the survey.

Your input matters

Take 5 mins to take this very short survey, and let met know what you want in wottactic. I'll leave it up for at least two weeks and then release the results.

After you have filled it in, take a look at the summary of the results

Video replay room

As you may have noticed there is a new 'video replay room' button next to the new room button. It's something new I'm experimenting with.

I was watching a League of Legends match and afterwards they were showing some replays to hilight certain things. I figured being to do that live and online is not something that exists yet and may be useful.

Now, I'm not saying it's perfect. The drawing part is not a problem, but starting and keeping videos in sync especially through the youtube api is tricky. And I don't think it's something I can improve upon greatly. Basically the youtube API is just lacking the necessary tools (no fine grained playback rate control, course seek function and play/pause delays).

A direct link to a supported video file (anything supported by your browser) will work better. But is there a even free video service that allows you to access video files directly and embed them remotely ?

Anyway give it a try and give me some feedback. Do you like the idea, do you have a use for it ? Does it work for you or your team ? What problems are you experiencing ? Does youtube video synchronization well enough or do you consider it unusable as it is ?

Latest changes

  • Simplified links
  • Added the new wot minimaps as an option.
  • Improved quality of things drawn by drawing at a higher resolution than the image.
  • Improved the look of the website a little, will be adding a forum soon.
  • Icons sort of zoom along now.

On the bug hunting front:

  • Made zoom move in predictable steps.
  • Fixed alignment issues in video replay room.
  • The hand icon is no longer shown when dragging is disabled.
  • Text on firefox 49.0 was bigger than it should be. It's actually a FF bug https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1306027, but I remedied it best I can.
  • Some notes from older tactics dissapeared, they should be back now

If you find anything else, however small, that is broken, pls let me know.

2,000,000 visits

Since the beginning of March, when i started monitoring traffic, 314,809 users have visitited this website a total of 2,031,807 times, visiting 3,822,789 pages. At least 335,645 rooms have been created and 38,127 tactics have been stored.

Thank you for your support. I think that's pretty amazing.

For more details here's a google analytics report.

Developed by Kalith